Buying jewelry is a pleasure and a pleasure. When the jewelry is bought back, how to use and maintain it is also an important thing. So the friends in the jewelry circle summed up the correct use and maintenance of jewelry, and today I will share with you: 1. Washing jewe
Mine Po is a kind of jewel, which is the most famous and collectible value of Fushun Mine. The mine is only formed in the coal mine, and it takes tens of thousands of years for the mine to form. The mine is directly collected from the blue mud in the stratum. Unlike Haipu,
Wuqiang New Year painting has a long history and it was born in the late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty. The Ming and Qing dynasties were the most prosperous. At that time, the densely populated Wu Qiang Nanguan was "every family dyed, and the household was Dan Qing", formin
The shirt collar is combined with a detachable bow tie design, and a small collar-style drop-shouldered long-sleeved coat is used. The overall softness and strongness make it an indispensable part of the season. Coat hem made a special color matching sticky craft design, simple atmosphere. Inside t