H&M, a Swedish apparel company, announced recently that the company used the collected clothing to produce a pair of jeans. The recycled recycled fiber content of this pair of jeans is up to 20%. The design adopts a new environmental protection concept, which aims to reduce the harm to
According to reports, Youngor Securities officials said that the company’s apparel sales revenue in April increased by more than 10% year-on-year, and the discounts were also controlled. Judging from the general lack of end-user sales in listed menswear companies, Youngor's perf
Under the support of the Cultural Development Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Center, the China Auction Industry Association, the Minsheng Bank Art Fair, the 798 Cultural and Creative Industries Investment Co., Ltd., and the China Natio
As an inspirational word, "Transforming Moment" once again presents a new chapter in modern woman's self-cognition. "Know Yourself", the inscription at the Temple of Ephesus in Greece at this very moment is an unresolved mystery even thousands of years later and in an age
This site May 14 hearing, want to wear long legs but also feminine, must not forget the mix of short skirts and high heels, compared to shorts sports shoes to be more sexy style, not only increase the effect is obvious, see Wear out of the atmosphere. Yellow Baseball Jacket + White Shirt + Black