The background color of women's fashion , mainly to simple casual style, but the unique fashion design, the European style will be simple with different ways to distinguish the audience with the crowd, the modern city women respected, identity, shared culture and value show, show A simple and
Recently H & M exposure "Trend Update" women's series of style modeling, by the Daria Strokous interpretation of the rebel style, photographer Peter Gehrke Zhang Jing. Daria wearing a thin sweater, leather jacket, long trench coat, sleeveless T-shirt and Slim pants and other appe
In the early 18th century, Rubin's story of sea rafting was well-known. People marveled at his legendary experience and even conquered his pursuit of individual liberation and adventurous heroic quality that infected and nurtured people for centuries. 1710 originated in the United Kingdom's
Shenyang wig price rose, a wig sold to 13,000 yuan Real hair prices are rising, celebrity endorsements, etc., making wig costs increase and prices are getting higher For the sake of beauty, some people make up, some facelifts, some people buy good clothes, and some people buy all kinds of wigs.