Tracking "Kaltanon": Europe's Top Men's Brands ** Survey

In a direct store in Shenzhen, a Carlton, a card indicating the origin of the suit in the Carlton of Italy, the price reached nearly 30,000 yuan. Caldanta, this famous 18-year-old Italian brand clothing, specializes in high-end, stylish routes.

After investigating reports from Italy, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, the reporter discovered that at present, “Europe's top men’s brand” Kaltenton, which has set up counters in numerous airports and high-end shopping malls in the country, actually registered trademarks in Italy and did not set up factories to produce them. Domestic brands.

Kaltenden was introduced into China in 1993. Currently, there are hundreds of branches across the country, and there are more than 30 airport shops. Kaltendon's design focuses mainly on Italian style. But a salesman who once worked at the Capital Airport's Kaltenden store told reporters that Carl Denton was a brand registered in Italy and was actually processed in the country.

No one in Italy knows whether it is an Italian brand. The reporter commissioned the Italian local television station to first investigate the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. The search revealed that the registration date for the trademark application of Kaltenden was February 1998 and the registration date was January 2001. The applicant is yim siu wa and the application address is in Hong Kong. This also means that Italian brands that entered China in 1993 are actually only 10 years old in Italy.

An official of Italy’s commercial and tax authority, Zaccaro, told reporters that the search found that there was no Carlton in the registration data of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, which meant that there was no enterprise registration in Malta with the company. .

An Italian industry insider who has been in the apparel industry for 35 years told reporters that he is familiar with the famous brands of the industry, but the Gartenton clothing brand has never been heard in Italy. Another person in the industry stated that he has sold many international brands of clothing, but he has never heard of the brand Kaltenon.

"This is the unspoken rules of the apparel industry."

Recently, the reporter used the identity of the franchisee to tell Mr. Yu, the person in charge of the management of the two directly owned stores in Chengdu and Chongqing. Mr Yu said that these conditions are the unspoken rules of the apparel industry. Many brands use the methods registered in Europe to produce in the country.

Mr. Yu said that at present, the promotion of Kardenton in the country has not been affected. Talking about the brand strategy of posing as foreign goods, Mr. Yu said that this is not the consumer being fooled, but the company's need to cater to consumers wanting to buy imported goods, “Our pricing and the value of the brand itself, production costs, processes, raw materials, etc. Regarding, this price was recognized by consumers. I also think that the value is slightly higher than the current price."

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