Taman song women advocate personality, relaxed wearing philosophy

Taman Song Tarmangor is a new brand launched by Saatchi & Saatchi Co., Ltd. Aiming at customers aged 23-40 in urban fashion, Taman Sing women's fashion elements add Italian style, simple design, smooth lines, suitable for work, leisure, etc. Dressed in various occasions.

塔曼歌 - Tarmangor

Taman song Tarmangor adhering to the traditional oriental and western culture, Taman song women into Japan and South Korea's fashion ideas and trends, Taman Song brand women pay attention to product shape and structure, the new layered with the subtle changes of every detail, unique style Taman song Tarmangor with avant-garde, alternative and not publicity, with individuality, loose wear philosophy, Taman song Tarmangor pursuit of the perfect combination of fashion and function.

塔曼歌女装 倡导个性、宽松的穿着理念

Today, Taman Song Tarmangor brand as the ambassador and carrier of the European fashion culture, the world's shared fashion and culture and Chinese women to share and share this fun and joy to create a lifestyle.

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