MC women's simplicity revealed a woman's elegant, intellectual

MC from Hong Kong, landing in Shanghai, designed specifically for intellectual women, which emphasizes a stylish attitude, a spirit. MC gets married Dream Shuya - the largest in Asia, the marketing of pants experts, for all the professional women in China - the world's most respected, most future groups services; MC has the most potential and vitality in Asia, professional design Division and buyer each year continue to provide customers with the flow of the latest international fashion symbols and more decent dress code products; MC has the world's top 50 textile suppliers and rich experience in cooperation, as well as 30 million in Asia occupations Experience of female services, MC determined to freeze the modern life style of Chinese professional women, so that intellectual women to re-examine themselves.

MC女装 简洁中流露女人的优雅、知性

MC is the combination of the international advanced brand mode of operation and the status of the Chinese market launch with better operating quality of the business model, which pay more attention to the service functions of goods and brands.

MC女装 简洁中流露女人的优雅、知性

MC design inspiration comes mainly from Japan and Hong Kong, closely follow the international fashion trends, advocating simplicity, the pursuit of natural, while emphasizing the inherent quality and elegant taste, the product focus on the outline, structure, materials and processes of coordination, concise reveal women Elegant, intellectual.

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