Wujin Textile Industry seeks to transform the Home Textile Association

On October 12th, Wujin held a home textile industry development seminar to analyze the status quo of home textile industry since 2011, discuss the development trend of the home textile industry in the future, and discuss the company's countermeasures.

The textile industry is Wujin's traditional industry. Hutang has won a series of titles such as "the capital of Chinese fabrics" and "China's famous textile town". At the seminar, Wujin textile entrepreneurs stated that although Hutang textile industry is developed, compared with the surrounding advanced areas, Wujin's textile industry still has backward technology and equipment, single product structure, industrial chain imbalance, scale, and intensification. There are many problems such as insufficient cultivation of internationalization and low management level.

Entrepreneurs attending the meeting stated that with the trend of “re-decorating and lightening” in the furniture industry in recent years, home textiles have been increasingly used from a practical role to a decorative role, and the home textile industry has been “activated” as never before. Compared with Jiangsu Nantong, Zhejiang Yuhang, Xiaoshan and other places, Wujin's home textile industry has lagged behind. As the textile industry developed in Wujin, entering the home textile industry is another opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of textile enterprises.

The person in charge of the Wujin Textile Chamber of Commerce told the author that at present, the Chamber of Commerce is conducting a comprehensive survey of Wujin's home textile companies and markets, targeting Wujin's proximity to Shanghai, making full use of the resources of the Shanghai textile industry, accepting the radiation and promotion of the Shanghai textile industry, and promoting Wujin Textile. The industry is good and fast.

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