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There is a beautiful city near the Rhône in the south of France - Nimes. She is the birthplace of blue denim, the United States of America in 1848 Levi Strauss brought this blue tannins into the United States, from the birth of everyone familiar Levi's (denim denim mean de nimes, Nim made meaning). In 1968 Ficher Mendès, a Frenchman who used to be a seaman, set up a garment processing plant in Nimes that specializes in the manufacture of workers' wear, using the logo of a lion and an iron anchor as a symbol of the product -. Until 1985, LAND VAN JEANS was founded. 1989 LAND VAN JEANS At the helm of the French designer Francois Lambert and redesigned the new English LOGO - has been in use so far. François Rimbel's design inherits the European style of simplicity, the atmosphere and the pursuit of taste. LAND VAN JEANS is growing rapidly with LANDesk VAN JEANS, which is very popular with young people in France.

Men's shorts denim shorts so that the summer hot and relaxing body, personalized design style with a variety of summer suits,
Is the summer leisure must be a stylish single product, for the modification of thigh leg type and set off the effect of the calf muscle obvious, so that leg visual enhancement, like to show the leg muscle beauty can choose stretch Slim models, hoping to create leg and leg visual beauty can choose no Play loose money.
Want to have a comfortable and stylish summer, at the moment you wear denim shorts!

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