Shenzhen clothing welcomes the golden season

Shenzhen Women's Wear leads the domestic fashion trend. The picture shows the 2012 spring-summer fashion show staged by the famous women's wear brand Fa Luna in Shenzhen.

In October of the autumn season, the garment industry in Shenzhen ushered in the golden season of the year. In recent days, major hotels in the city have become the home venue for brand launches, fashion shows, and spring-summer 2012 trade fairs. The well-known women's brand of Shenzhen Law Luna gathered national agents and franchisees to set off a wave of fashion in Shenzhen recently and staged a beautiful 2012 Shenzhen fashion show.

As a representative of the fashion colors in the spring and summer of 2012, Faluyana’s popular trend release nearly six months ago has attracted numerous domestic buyers, business people, and fashionistas. Industry sources pointed out that the fashion show and brand release held in October each year is not only a T-Taih show, but also a barometer for the future development of Shenzhen's well-known women's wear, demonstrating the heritage of brand culture, industry transformation, and adjustment of marketing strategies. As a result of upgrades, they are highly valued by brand companies, brand agents, franchisees and industry professionals.

The reporter saw at the scene of the well-known women's fashion Lawani 2012 “Way of Love” theme fashion show. In the spring and summer of 2012, the brand's women's wear, whether it is a classic windbreaker or a flowing dress, pays more attention to the fusion of classic and fashion, expressing Combining the noble and elegant inner qualities of Eastern and Western cultures, with a low-key and subtle style, the essence of modern women's elegance and freedom is demonstrated.

Regarding the theme of “Yan Tu Love” this season, Cai Weiyi, the chief designer of Faluyana, said that this season is a theme of love, which is one of our series of themes. We have adopted a series of themes for the release and promotion of apparel brands to form a series that better understands and loves the brand culture of Fa Luna and also promotes the steady development of corporate culture. After 10 years of brand development, Faluyana has integrated the brand culture into the level of social care. At present, it is concerned about the care of children's education. The pamphlets for caring for children's education are placed in shopping mall stores and have been accepted by mature women. Welcome.

The reporter learned that in recent years, the influence of the Shenzhen branded women's clothing in the country has been increasing, and it has become a business card called the country, and it has become a beautiful scenery that shows the urban women's style. As one of the well-known women's clothing brands, Faluyina has attracted the attention of its peers and the love of consumers. It has appeared at the Beijing and Shenzhen Fashion Fairs for many years, and has won the "Top Ten Women's Award", "Top Ten Designer Award", " Fashion Brand Award, Top Ten Fashion Brand Award, etc.

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