Tokyo-Osaka Store has set up an elderly store over 60 years old

Recently, Daimaru Osaka Shoya Department Store launched the Madam Selection counter area at Daimaru Kyoto Store for elderly women over 60 years of age. Apart from regular women's wear, this area also includes accessories areas such as shoes, scarves, and European flower arrangements counters. It even launched a manual DIY section to achieve a diversified combination of goods and lifestyles. In the future, the mall will further introduce products that reflect diverse lifestyles in addition to apparel. It is estimated that at the beginning of 2012, the sales of the mall will reach 900 million yen.

Madam Selection was once one of the transformation projects for uf uf girls stores, located in the women's and grocery area on the 4th floor of Tokyo Daimaru Store in 677m2. Currently, there are 23 new brands settled in the Madam Selection counter. The newly-introduced brands include Lejido shoes and iine, as well as clothing accessories brands such as tijira, Kotsu fabrics, clothing brands Primattivo Hanae Mori Sport, and Evex by Krizia. There is a small lecture and other publicity venues in the Madam Selection store. In the future, in addition to the color analysts who will be invited by color analysts to provide color analysis services (free of charge), the manual courses offered by the famous Kawashima fabric design school will also be held. .

In the future, the products of this comprehensive store will be dominated by women aged 60-69 years, and will no longer be limited to existing product varieties and categories, but will combine the interest characteristics of this age group, fully analyze customer demands, and continue to expand product variety. , And increase the frequency of use of the store. It is reported that other branches will also introduce such old-age stores in reference to the operating experience and model of Kyoto stores.

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