The first autumn and winter network appraisal was announced, Love yarn baby underwear category third place

A few days ago, by the Chinese brand apparel network hosted the first fall of 2011, the most concerned about the selection of fall and winter clothing network was announced, Love yarn apparel submitted to participate in the work "Love yarn baby" underwear underwear class by the top three awards.


It is reported that 2011 the first "most concerned about the autumn and winter network of appraisal activities" from September 1 to the end of October 30, divided into women's clothing group, men's clothing group, children's clothing group, underwear group, casual and sportswear five major groups , Attracting hundreds of clothing brands from all over the country involved in the competition. Which Love yarn Clothing International Group (China) Co., Ltd. submitted to the adjustment of underwear - Love yarn Baby to 1522 votes, underwear category third. It is worth mentioning that, Love yarn Baby is a listed less than three years to get this honor brand.

It is understood that Love yarn belongs to the Love yarn Clothing International Group (China) Co., Ltd., the company is a collection of underwear research and development, design, production, management, marketing, marketing, in order to care for women's health responsibility as a large modern enterprise group. Love yarn underwear into today's fashion world the latest popular elements, simple design, elegant, atmospheric, elegant fabrics, attention to detail, price-friendly, highlighting the charm of modern women and self-confidence, more in line with the modern aesthetic needs of women and cultural tastes, both In order to allow women to have S curve, but also has the function of preventing breast disease, etc., especially to participate in the selection of underwear lace material just down the benefits of the use of lace material, fulfilled the most beautiful woman's wish, so that underwear quality greatly improved. It is these unique advantages, so love yarn baby in the 49 participating underwear brands stand out, the top three votes into the vote, which for a less than three years listed on the underwear brand, unexpected and expected Among them, it turns out that love yarn baby is indeed a brand into the hearts of women, her good results, will certainly leave a flash in the history of China's underwear brand.

Gold Cup Silver Cup than the reputation of the people, the Gold Award as common people boasted that the brand recognized by consumers is a good brand by consumers concerned about the style, the best-selling, in order to bring profits to businesses in order to allow the brand to be permanent vitality. Love yarn International Chairman Zou Jifu said that the first autumn and winter 2011 to participate in the network selection, not only is a lingerie event, but also a fashion event, for Love yarn, this is only the beginning, Love yarn is willing to use this As a new starting point, we will continue to step up product development, accelerate the pace of brand building, enhance the added value of the brand, bring more profits to the affiliates of Love yarn enterprises, and dedicate more healthy, comfortable and fashionable women friends. Underwear classic, to promote China's underwear industry, steady, healthy and rapid development to make new contributions!

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