Britain's top men's brand St.Fanno San Vaticano

British top men's brand St.Fanno> St.Fanno "in the pleasant interpretation of the success of elegant" ------------- Founded in 1917 St.Fanno is the British top men's brand, has always been noble , Extremely luxurious and world-famous! Brand identity "identity and wealth" as the mainstream thinking of the brand image, become wealthy high society sought after fashion darling, breaking the traditional, stylish yet elegant. St.Fanno, with aristocratic descent, understands men and clothing from the depths of his heart. Most of his followers are not fashion followers, but individual advocates and fashion makers. Slightly unobtrusive yet harmonious sense of beauty, so St.Fanno simple and smooth lines, detailed and luxurious texture and comfortable, comfortable integration of modern fashion style, as one dedication, to the elegance, self-expression of life attitude. Just like the man under the charm of the night, let the sexy revealed without trace. Bring authentic European designs to the lives of successful, stylish men. St.Fanno brand from St.Fredneil, as early as 1917 in the United Kingdom PORTSMOTH was founded by Fredneilmr, opened the first boutiques to operate mainly in jewelry and fine porcelain. Its operating jewelry, porcelain are competing royal royal collection, in order to get a piece of St.Fanno treasures for the glory. Because Fredneilmr outstanding design concept, by the royal aristocracy favorite, by the British Royal awarded St title. In the mid-1970s, the St.Fanno brand extended to noble men at the peak of the British textile industry. In London, Beverly Hills, Paris, Milan and New York, a number of flagship stores featuring fashion men's wear were opened. In 1997, the brand was integrated into the design soul of, a famous British designer who graduated from FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology). Continuing its high-quality raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship, the brand shows the design essence of the St.Fanno brand to the world and gives St. Fanno more luxurious brand status, leading the international fashion. Mainland China in the rapid economic development in recent years, the Zegna Boss Dunhill LV and other international fashion luxury brand introduction, the British St.Fanno to see the rise of Chinese fashion. Guangzhou Qiqi company in this particular historical period, after many negotiations with the United Kingdom San Vatican reached an agreement by the Guangzhou Qiqi apparel companies and the United Kingdom St.Fanno companies work together to the United Kingdom St.Fanno officially settled in China, so that more More Chinese fashion consumers to enjoy the exclusive St.Fanno design. Britain's top apparel industry has molded St.Fanno's quality, occupy the absolute leading edge in the international men's luxury market. St.Fanno brand of seven English letters implies success success talent genius fashion fashion ardour passion nobility noble nature natural optimism optimism gives men a deeper understanding.