Noci: "Slow" is to accumulate experience and strength

Conservative enterprises pay attention to the practice of personnel training: the provisions of each manager assistant must train a certain number of manager assistant, otherwise not promoted; and a manager if you can not cultivate a certain number of reserve manager can not be promoted to regional manager; The same is true of branch manager. In the view of conservative enterprises, personnel training is extremely important. Do not expand if you can not train enough qualified personnel. Two years from 2006 to 2007, venture capital like a hormone gave birth to a variety of brands, the apparel industry there PPG, ITAT, Hailan home, where guest Eslite and so on. With the economic crisis triggered by the financial crisis, capital has receded like a tide of water. Ads on lively media outlets have quietly retreated. Some conceptual projects even face unsustainable dilemmas. At this time, those originally seemingly conservative expansion patterns seem to have not been much affected this winter. They just need to be dormant like a bear, until the spring comes, its pace of development will be the same as before. The practice of keeping Eggs in the same basket Nochi a few years ago is very conservative. Initially, the shop was only concentrated in Fujian, and later expanded to the south of the Yangtze River area, for a long time, Nochi did not intend to cross the Yangtze River, and all the stores Dinghui insist Direct mode. Relative to some of Jinjiang clothing brand, Nuochi fashion can be considered relatively early founder, the only difference is that this is a channel brand. Its founder, Ding Hui, set up his first store when he proposed "Adhere to 8% of the profits," which is a very non-mainstream practice in the pursuit of high-margin apparel industry. Relative to those large-scale expansion of the nation's franchise stores flowering clothing brand, Nochi years ago the practice seems very conservative. Initially, the shop was only concentrated in Fujian, and later expanded to the south of the Yangtze River area, for a long time, Nochi did not intend to cross the Yangtze River, and all the stores Dinghui insist Direct mode. For this strategy, Ding Hui said in an interview with reporters that the regional branding strategy started to be taken for a reason. Climatic features in the area to the south of the Yangtze River are relatively close, which is easier for the company to take on seasonal orders. In addition, consumers in the south of the Yangtze River in size, color, style, preferences are also relatively close. Concentrated in the south of the Yangtze River shop, more manageable. And in the concentration of orders, centralized purchasing and distribution of goods logistics costs are relatively low. Knock rarely advertise, Ding Hui believes that in order to rapidly expand in the short term, advertising is a good way, but if it is long-term planning, we need all parties together. If you can not find a pattern that makes every store profitable, expanding too fast will only lift your brand. Start focusing on regional development, Nuoqi not just want to be a regional brand, but kept exploring the experience of shop, training personnel, and run with suppliers. For example, in the supply chain management, Nochi stable suppliers reached 80%, the other 20% is dynamic, will be eliminated. Liu Haifeng, an expert on strategic management, said that in order for a company to develop steadily, eggs must be kept in the same basket. In his opinion, Knoch's strategy is to put the eggs in the same basket. Not distracting, focus on one area, focusing on cost performance. A steady development example is that the domestic fast food brand real skill, its boss CaiDaBiao in the Pearl River Delta region opened a number of real kung fu, accumulated a certain amount of capital, also encountered varying degrees of temptation. And he only focuses on his fast-food industry and does not question other investments. Kung Fu brand has a certain reputation, many of the franchisees holding money want to join. The standard requirements of Cai is, always adhere to only direct sales outlets, the current real Kung Fu chain of more than 200. "Slow" is to prepare for the training Nuokeqi "manager project" provides that if a manager assistant can not cultivate two assistant manager, will not be promoted to manager; a manager can not cultivate 2 to 3 manager Can not be promoted to regional manager; a regional manager unsuccessful to train another regional manager, it will by no means become a regional manager or branch manager. Liu Haifeng believes that the rate of expansion of a business is not a matter of course, as a result of great joy and good product, but to establish a development model. For this model and establish a perfect management system and excellent management team, to eliminate any loopholes and flaws from the management. The main reason why some enterprises fall during fast running is not only too fast, but also not just the wrong mode. Rather, they blindly seek improvement without improving the management system that supports the development mode. For example, direct selling brand PPG shirt, advertising quickly expand sales. But later stamina development, the crux of the problem is not mode, but rather that its management system does not match its speed well. Liu Haifeng pointed out that although PPG shirt overwhelming advertising, but often buy a consumer is difficult to buy a second time, because the quality did not allow consumers to form loyalty. PPG fastest growing, the daily sales of more than 10,000, such a large sales need docking human resources not only call center staff, more importantly, supplier management system, the system includes category management, quality inspection, etc. It is very important to manage people. On the other hand, PPG store-free mode allows consumers to vent more negative emotions through the Internet. The crisis management for such direct purchase model is obviously not an external public relations firm can solve. Whether quality problems or crisis management issues or relationship with suppliers, which require the appropriate management personnel and management system. However, when the talent pool has not been formed yet and the management system responding to various situations has not been established yet, a large number of advertisements have driven a large amount of sales while the corresponding management has not kept up with it. Radish fast wash does not mud, naturally laid a hidden danger. In contrast with the PPG, Knock's model appears to be very conservative, around 2000, many clothing brand franchise stores are flowering throughout the country, but in the four years from 1997 to 2001, Knoch only made a shop, even to In 2004, the number of stores remained at 6. By common sense, this is not the usual rate of growth for a clothing business. Why do not dozens of stores a year? Ding Hui has its own strategic layout. Originally, Nochi opened the shop in the first is to create a copy of the system. From the store site to staff training, a little bit to improve the management system. Only when all the resources are available can we start the scale-up. One of the important resources is human resources. "If I plan to open 100 stores next year, then the manager of these 100 stores must have been prepared last year." Ding Hui said. In the initial exploration, Nochi talent training mode clear. For example, Noci first half of next year, need to open 30 stores, which requires 30 qualified managers will have to appear at the time, for the previous year, at least 40 to 50 people to find Noci Reserve cadres. A shop has 10 employees, 30 stores to recruit more than 300 people. During the process of copying the talents of Nuoqi, the characteristics of "old with new", "staff promotion and personnel training anchored" have become their features. Late learning training, is to allow new staff to enter the old shop for practical exercises. Once Nuoqi has opened a new store, it will allocate 5 to 6 old employees in the store in the past, and allow newcomers to get started sooner and also participate in the development of new stores. Wait until the new batch of students mature, the new store also opened more stable, Nuoci will withdraw some of the old clerk back, and then added to the new. Put everyone in a shop, "always with new." Subsequently, as Knock opened faster, more and more urgent demand for talent. So, Nochi in the "manager project" provides that if a manager assistant does not produce two assistant manager, will not be promoted to manager; a manager can not cultivate 2 to 3 manager can not be promoted to regional manager; Name District Manager unsuccessful training another regional manager, it will by no means become a regional manager or branch manager. Due to incentive programs, there are penalties, coupled with a rigorous training and testing system, Nuokeqi shop faster and faster, but there will be no shortage of personnel, or management can not keep up the problem.