Strong dark horse women "Wei Sidan Li W. Danner" 09 spring and summer fair will be held

W.DANER upholds the consistent personality fashion taste, look at the international trend of fashion leisure, combined with the latest popular concept of Europe and South Korea, the degree of market and fashion to establish a balance between the European and South Korean market benchmark understanding and insight In the interpretation of the 25-year-old Asian fashion women 40-year-old dress tastes and tastes.Wee Di Dan Li (W.DANER) the overall style of fashion, personality, casual simplicity, highlighting the slim cut, reproduce the integration of contour and details Change, emphasizing the interactive response of the color system, the entire product structure is rich, product line width, wide market, with strong .Wen Qian Danli (W.DANER) display elegance, innocence, aesthetic style, gather distinctive Fashion style, the achievement of natural personality and romantic charm of the lovely woman. Brand positioning: vitality, personality, taste design style: market-oriented, stylish and not fashionable, leisure and not the streets, simple but not simple. Korean style European design degree of grasp, the pursuit of a bones of the feminine and romantic sexy, highlighting the brand's unique personality and unique, just the right fashion style positioning .Position of price: Spring and summer goods prices between 198-398 autumn and winter Price of goods 298-598 Business philosophy: Honest cooperation, service, interactive development, hand in hand win-win situation Customer orientation: fashion sensitive, passionate attitude toward life, exquisite self-image, pay attention to taste, quality and taste of cute women. Business model: Direct joint venture, joining agents, franchising