Qiao silk "Oriental International Model Contest," a single title sponsor and charity donations in 2008

"Top Mirror Model" award ceremony fashion brand [Qiao silk] as the 08 Oriental International Model Competition title sponsor Chinese fashion brand Qiao silk in the government's correct industrial development path created by the good environment, all the way to march forward into the international , Become China's outstanding fashion brand. Qiao silk in the past, present and future are closely related to the development of the country's overall fashion industry. Coincides with the most important fashion industry event "2008 Orient International Model Contest" was held on the occasion, Qiao Silk hopes to participate in the competition and serve as the "Top Mirror Model" award of the title sponsor, Qiao silk hope to do their own A force, so that the development of China's fashion industry more booming, to cultivate an international standard for the country fashionable vanguard. 【Emphasis on talent for innovation】 Qiao silk to create a new horizons of fashion, "cultivate talent, cherish talent" is the most important entrepreneurial spirit of Qiao silk, but also Qiao silk in the past few years can continue to grow the main driving force. Since its founding in Taiwan, China in 1984, Qiao Silk has been keeping its insistence on "perfect craftsmanship" and has developed a series of unique style products that blend the traditional and aesthetic romance, establishing Chaber's good brand image among consumers worldwide . These are the fruits of the hard work and sweat of countless people. In response to changes in consumer trends in the future, Qiao silk will also be innovative in the popular change, a new vision for the Chinese fashion brand. [Charitable donations, contribute to the community] Qiao silk's core values ​​have grown into China's outstanding fashion brand Chaber, will spare no effort to build a harmonious society. Apart from attaching importance to the entrepreneurial spirit of talents, the brand road of more than 20 years has also realized that only by upholding the core value of "taking it from society and using it to society" is the cornerstone of its sustainable development. Therefore, Qiao silk has never forgotten to give back to the society for many years and has continued to make charitable donations. From the donation of the Jiujiang earthquake in 2005, it established "Qiao Silk Hope Primary School"; from 2006 to 2010, a series of " Green Plan "; 07 Donated Guang'an" Qiaopu Spring Thunder Primary School "in Guang'an, Guang'an City, Sichuan Province; donated a large sum of money in 2008 for the reconstruction of the disaster area and the recently started Xiuqiao Shanghai Hope Bridge Elementary School. These are just a few tips for a return to society. For social welfare, Qiao silk can not be beautiful, only hope to start a discussion so that the value of charitable donations can continue to pass in our society, Qiao silk is willing to sow a grain of seeds in the land of China, continue to spread the " Hope and love]. There is an old saying in China that "ten years of trees and a hundred years of trees are human beings." Qiao silk will still give birth to and support the development of education in China. It will continue to use the incomparable enthusiasm and love of Qiao silk to care for every help Cincinnati students. Love Ambassador Song Ailing (Qiao silk chairman Li Jin Zhang wife)