Prince of the family underwear for the Oriental woman tailored luxury underwear

The princely family lingerie takes the Italian royal clothing culture as the concept and extracts the quintessence of the Italian royal underwear culture. It perfectly meets the unique luxurious qualities of the Italian royal lingerie and the oriental women, leads the noble experience of the underwear, and promotes the modern woman to enjoy the lingerie exquisiteness , Comfortable, sensual beauty, make yourself more confident, more love yourself and enjoy life.

ROYAL'S (Prince son family) has a professional and efficient brand management team. The company has underwear research and development center specializing in Oriental body research based underwear research and development. The company already has tens of thousands of human research data, and has industry-leading Market research mechanism to ensure that every product is the most suitable for the Oriental women's body and needs.


From the Italian fashion underwear brand princes family 2012 dedication Delicate new, inherited the past, the design of luxury fashion makes people feel that the emperor's family brand connotation charm, high-end craft production to meet the urban women on the quality of life and details Requirements, the new Prince of the family once again the European luxury style interpretation of the most vividly.

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