Bo Erdeng Men's 2012 autumn and winter new conference will be opened

BULLTITAN Bo Erdeng men's brand will be released on April 25, 2012 2012 autumn and winter new products. Men's brand BULLTITAN "to create a leader in the United States fashion military culture brand" for the corporate vision, the design inspiration and elements from the United States Naval Aviation Club culture, is committed to becoming an international fashion men's fashion brand. BULLTITAN autumn and winter new conference will be held on April 25, 2012 in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen grand, when BULLTITAN will be invited from across the country dealers and media friends gathered to provide you with a pleasant and harmonious communication platform. Under the theme of "daring to move forward with the future", this conference devoted itself to the design of the unique feelings of the blue sky and the sea under the premise of maintaining fashion and individuality. The aircraft carrier and carrier-based aircraft And military medal of honor for the design of the source, interpretation of the new season of products. The new product can be said that the perfect combination of vintage and classic clothing three-dimensional cut and designer rich inspiration, but also make the whole series feel more outstanding. I believe this new fall and winter press conference will bring you an unexpected visual feast. BULLTITAN is not only looking for quality, style and fashion, but it also expresses the emotions that are unique to becoming a great naval aviation team. The persistent pursuit of free life and independence has made BULLTITAN a true suitor and castor of the American Dream. At present, BULLTITAN has a complete product line, the product not only involves leather, cotton, jackets, including shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, casual pants, jeans and so on. Adhering to its long history of industry traditions and expertise, the BULLTITAN brand has rapidly evolved into a worldwide synonym for quality and innovation. Clothing shows a very strong appeal and has conquered the international market. It has been opened in Europe, the United States, and Asia flagship store. In 2010, the entire line stationed in the Chinese market, the United States the essence of naval aviation culture and the Chinese market combined to create successful high-end brand apparel for the community success.

This kind of warmth-keeping type is mainly for the long-term winter wear in the alpine areas or the colder Antarctic and Antarctic regions. Usually, it uses a very thick, completely wind-proof, waterproof and wear-resistant outer material + a lot of velvet and duck down. It has a relatively large self-weight, and generally belongs to the extended garment, so as to ensure that other warmth-keeping clothes can be easily put on inside.

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