Hua Anyu's classification

Hua Anyu is also known as Jiuzhai Yushi, also known as Chabaoshi, Meihuashi, and Huaanyu, and is located in a Jiulong River basin in Zhangzhou, Fujian. The 248-million-year Paleozoic Permian marine sedimentary rocks, which are metamorphosed by the Jurassic continental volcanic eruption dating back to 163 million years, form zonal calcium silica horns with hardness ranging from 7.2 to 7.8 degrees. After identification by the authority of the Ministry of Geology named "Kowloon Jade jade." Its main components are diopsides of quartz, feldspar and jadeite, tremolite of nephrite, and actinolite, which are recrystallized from silicidation. Dense structure, fine texture. The Jiuhei jade stone varies from river to river. It is full of seven colors, including red, brown, blue, blue, green, golden and beige.

According to Huaan jade's color and pattern, Huaan jade can be divided into the following varieties:

Cyan Hua Anyu: mainly green, the color can be grayish green to dark green, containing white or a few other colors of the strip.

Pink Huaan jade: mainly pink, containing a small amount of white, green and other colors of the strip.

Ink Huaan jade: black, dense texture.

Tiger skin Hua Anyu: composed of pink, light green strips, the proportion of the two are similar, arranged in a pattern similar to the tiger's skin pattern.

Ink ink Hua Anyu: consists of pink, light green, black and white strips, the strips are often irregularly arranged, the pattern is like ink landscape painting.

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