Embry Fashion lingerie you want pure fresh or charming confusion

International well-known underwear business An Lifang Group's fifth brand E-BRA in spring and summer of this year I really bloom gesture into the fashion industry's vision. E-BRA brand products to bras, underwear and pajamas and home-based clothing, taking into account the body, cotton warm clothing, swimwear, men's underwear and so on. Complete category, well-working, comfortable and considerate. In the continuation of Embry Group's professional quality at the same time, based on international fashion, sexy and romantic.

安莉芳 - Embry Form

As a fashion good, Embry 2012 E-BRA spring and summer new products to the popular fresh colors as the keynote, exquisite tailoring with a wonderful lace pattern full of graceful curves. The orange warm bright, purple charm confusion, pure white pure, just right to show the wonderful feelings of urban women one by one.

安莉芳时尚内衣 你要清新纯美还是魅惑迷情

Have to mention its lightweight and exquisite cup with "fine tailoring process" to make the effect of wearing more agile and natural, pressureless support and concentration effect to ensure that when you breathe comfortable carefree feeling. Whether it's a sexy deep V drop cup bra or a bra with a side-lock, or a sexy brassiere with a wide back, you can find your perfect match at E-BRA!

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