Taiwan embroidery original women's traditional hand-embroidery and contemporary design perfect fusion

One hundred years of historical precipitation stems from the 1908 "Catholic Flower" that is the source of Taiwan embroidery .

Century embroidery has gone through three generations of inheritance:

The first generation founder should be the first to open up the first Mr. Yu, set pumping, pulling, carving, bag, around the needle law in one of the creation of the whole carved embroidered clothing, created a self-contained system of embroidery, and embroidery embroidery, Yue embroidery, embroidery , Suzhou embroidery and Taiwan's embroidery and said.

Mr. Chen Ke, the second-generation successor, master of Chinese arts and crafts, is a disciple of Mr. Ying Tai and a director of Taiwan's Embroidery Research Institute. He has researched and developed various Taiwan embroidery techniques and obtained many national patents.

Ms. Lin Xia, the third-generation successor, is the chairman and chief design director of Taiwan Embroidery Group. She has profound technical background of traditional Chinese hand embroidery and Western clothing fashion. She combines the perfect combination of Taiwan's embroidery with international fashion and contemporary art, Art "Taiwan embroidery development concept.


台绣原创女装 传统手工刺绣与当代设计的完美融合

台绣原创女装 传统手工刺绣与当代设计的完美融合

Taiwan embroidery (TGGC) is a cutting-edge fashion brand women's . Targeting the current advocacy of low-key luxury women groups, the pursuit of not only eye-catching exaggerated costumes, but also on the intrinsic quality of fashion has a unique pursuit. Taiwan's embroidery design (TGGC) inspired by cutting-edge international trend, and the contemporary art has a close feeling. Taiwan's embroidery products (TGGC) is not just a dress, she is to undertake the fashion design and pure art of the carrier, and is flesh and blood.

Her external appearance is bold, gorgeous, with a strong sense of fashion architectural style; her inner world is romantic, independent, with the era of women's multi-faceted emotion. Taiwan's embroidery (TGGC) is a collection of traditional Chinese handmade embroidery art, Western modern fashion and contemporary pure art in one of the original designer brand.

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