Sports brands need to think twice before entering the field of children's shoes

The happy "61" is gradually drifting away. However, the counters for children's shoes in major shopping malls are still on the market. This shows that the children's footwear market has huge purchasing power. The survey shows that the “80s” parents’ awareness of cultivating their children’s movements is being strengthened. They also hope that through sports training, children can meet the world, make friends, and cultivate their minds. Therefore, this part of consumers' purchasing psychology has gradually changed from "love cartoon" to "love sports". This beautiful wish has become a potential market for sports brands to enter the field of children's wear.

In recent years, adult shoe brands have entered the children's footwear market one after another. In 2008, ANTA took the lead in launching the children's wear brand and achieved good results. Subsequently, Xtep developed the children's wear development strategy for the second and third tier markets. Belle made acquisitions in the field of children's footwear. In March of this year, Li Ning announced that it will focus on the development of the children's sports market. The direction. At the same time, with the overcapacity of adult sports brands, the industry has entered a “bottleneck period” and compared with the elite reserves of adult sports brands, the children’s footwear industry is relatively scarce, and more and more talents are Shoes "flow to "small shoes", especially marketing and design elites.

According to Chen Shuqing, deputy secretary-general of the Fujian Children's Shoes Association, although adult shoes and children's shoes have certain differences, they are similar in terms of talent formation and market control. The elites of adult shoes and clothing will bring fresh life to the children's footwear industry. Business management concept. Another person in the industry analyzed the risks involved. On the one hand, the business owner was overly superstitious and he hoped to use one or two professional managers to achieve the rapid development of the company; on the other hand, he came from the professional manager himself and was too eager for immediate gains. While not fully understanding the characteristics of the children's industry, we began to copy the adult brand operation model, especially considering the financial strength of children's shoe companies. We must not directly apply the adult brand's channel expansion model and brand promotion model, and ultimately bring the company some " Water and soil are not satisfied with the response.

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