Han Lier health underwear five advantages led the new pattern of health underwear

People in the clothing on the pursuit of the United States began from the outside, the rapid rise in consumer demand for underwear, experts predict that the next 10 years, China's underwear market will maintain an annual growth rate of 20%, underwear industry has become the garment industry's most promising industry One, along with the subdivision of the underwear market, healthy underwear with health benefits is becoming the highlight of the underwear market. Han Cheryl (Henlear), a beautiful image of the external and internal advocating health function perfect pair of brand new underwear is quietly rising, driven by new investment pattern of China's health underwear.
Han Lier underwear rich products, in addition to a core series of anti-breast cancer products, as well as adjustable underwear, home service, thermal underwear, seamless underwear, sewn underwear and several other major series of hundreds of styles, style fashion, fabrics Sophisticated, fine workmanship, and quarterly marketable new products, new products every month. Han Lier underwear in the product differentiation, uniqueness, functionality, diversity and so has a unique lead. This is the underwear franchisee a solid backing for profit.

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