Guangzhou Aegean Bird Textile Co., Ltd. to bring its two major brands to debut in Guangzhou International Fashion Festival

Guangzhou Aegean Bird Textile Co., Ltd. to bring its two major brands "Blue Shark" "TOCO" a strong debut 2012 Guangzhou Fashion Festival! Spread the elegant style from Italy! In the past 20 years or so, China has created a miracle in the history of world economic development, which has spawned a group of fashion groups that pursue top-level enjoyment. The lifestyle of this group of people is consistent with that of the world, interpreting one after another Envy fantasy story. "AegeanBird" unique taste, just to cater to this group like to chase the novelty, people who pay attention to the needs of taste. Among this group, there is no lack of people who are quite experienced in the essence of Western culture, nor are they successful in pursuing the mission of carrying forward resolute courage and enthusiasm in the "AegeanBird." The timely emergence of "AegeanBird" marked a noble label for their lives. Now Aegean Bird has taken China as the first stop to enter the Asian market, taking the lead in opening specialty stores in major cities including Beijing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Macau And other places with a brand image shop. In the next few years Aegean Bird will gradually expand its momentum to spread the elegant style from Italy to every corner of China's major cities. Company development 1998 into the apparel industry, founded in Hong Kong Aegean Group (China) Co., Ltd.. August 1998 Set up a clothing agent in Hainan Sales Department: Doug Yangfu firm October 1998 Doug Gentlemen Haikou Golden Century Mall set up October 2000 Set up in Guangzhou billion in economic and trade development in 2003 May by Shanghai "Antarctica" distributor in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan June 2004 Guangzhou City billion in economic and trade development Co., Ltd. Tianhe office was officially completed in August 2004 hired Hong Kong film star "Taida Yu" as "law Jazz" brand image of the spokesman 2005 7 Month Become a member of Guangzhou Garment Industry Association October 2005 hired film superstar "He Jiajin" as the "Doug" brand image spokesman In June 2006 hired film and television star "Lv Songxian" as "Houlton" brand image spokesman, in June 2006 in Guangzhou City West Lake Road, Guangzhou Department Store Commercial Building office was completed in July 2006 to set up Guangzhou Aegean Bird Textile Co., Ltd., July 8, 2006 hired Sky King superstar "Dawn" as "Blue Shark" "TOCO" brand ambassador. 2006 8 Month by the Guangzhou Garment Industry Association executive director October 2006 under the brand "Blue Shark" "Doug" brand at the same time won the "most fashionable southern men's fashion brand" Award October 2006 Zhejiang Branch (Tongxiang Puyuan sweater Division) was established .2006 November Jiangsu Branch (Changshu Baoding Office) was established in July 2007 Guangzhou Aegean Bird Textile Co., Ltd. in 2007 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival "Exhibition Design Fashion Award" "Blue Shark" brand was "Guangzhou Top Ten Famous Brands" February 2008 by the Guangzhou Apparel Industry Association "Outstanding Member Award" by the 2007 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival "Special Contribution Award" 2008 4 Month "Blue Shark Operations Center" Sanyuanli North Station office buildings fall

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