Ten benefits of pearl powder

Lowering blood pressure: promoting vasoconstriction, preventing hypertension, atherosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis and vascular dementia.

Zhenzheng: strengthen calcium nutrition, maintain nerve function, prevent infantile hand and foot snoring, convulsions, throat; young women with dysmenorrhea, pregnancy poisoning, drug-induced hypocalcemia.

Strong body and longevity: maintain normal balance of metabolism and physiological functions, prolong cell life, strengthen cell regeneration, enhance cell productivity metabolism, anti-fatigue, and longevity.

Anti-calculus: Eliminate oxalate, restore normal calcium balance, promote normalization of kidney recovery, and prevent kidney stones.

Anshen Puzzle: Enhance central nervous function, stabilize mental emotions, eliminate depression, nervousness, irritability, and improve sleep quality.

Strong heart: Enhance myocardial contractility, ventricular function, rehabilitation of arrhythmia, prevent ventricular premature beats, palpitations, coronary heart disease.

Blood sugar lowering: maintain insulin secretion, strengthen glycolysis, lower blood sugar, prevent diabetes.

Eyesight: promote eye ciliary muscle contraction, prevent lens opacity, fundus arteriosclerosis, eyeball hypertension, enhance vision, prevent "floating mosquito", "cataract".

Anti-colon cancer: Eliminate colon cancer triggering factors - fatty acids and bile acids, to prevent colon cancer, colitis.

Beauty and beauty: Enhance cell metabolism, prolong skin cell life, eliminate spots, moisturize skin and accelerate wound healing.

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