jamor 2013 fashion spring put aside the mysterious spring

Winter to spring, the bright sunshine shines on the earth, is so beautiful; breeze was blowing, mixed with a touch of fragrance, bathed in warm sunshine, no meaning tired. Spring is full of aroused infinite passion, blossoming, intoxicated in the gorgeous season, jamor 2013 fashion spring planing mysterious spring, pick open silence, let you immersed in the spring of seduction.


This floral lace dress, retro flavor is full, return to nature's fresh, romantic and elegant princess sleeves, highlighting the luxury of the Rococo era blurred, lightweight elegant skirt interpretation of the natural flavor of women.

jamor 2013时尚春装  抛开神秘春意

This section chiffon floral dress, retro color, classic version, so that fashion returns. Court-style claw sleeve, elegant; waist bow, exquisite appearance, elegant skirt, fresh and natural.

Worsted cashmere blended yarn is refer to the cashmere blended with other fibers according to certain proportion by combing process .It has the performance which can blended with every fiber, the price is moderate, so it is the ideal mass consumer products. It is a lot of phyletic, such as cashmere/silk, cashmere/cotton cashmere/wool, cashmere/linen blended yarn. Such yarn used to highlight the advantages of two kinds of fiber fabric, the class both knitting and tatting yarn, due to the fiber  inherent features, the fabrics use this kind of yarn  generally have higher tear strength, high fire resistance and low shrinkage rate, and the fabrics is feel plump and soft with a traditional style of worsted fabrics.

Worsted Blended Knitted and Woven Yarn

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