Oops, won the "China's best employer," the key to success is the "people"

Today, no matter where we walk in the city where the business district, can see all kinds of franchising chain figure. Data show that as of the end of 2009, the number of national licensing system has exceeded 4,000, the total number of shops reached 330,000. John Lasby, author of Megatrends, believes that "franchising is by far the most successful marketing concept." However, behind the number of the world's No.1 charter system in China, there are still risks of imperfect laws and regulations, uncontrolled blind expansion by franchisees, entangled relations between franchisees and headquarters, Backward management methods and so on. Recently, Top Ten Employers in China, jointly sponsored by Zhaopin, Peking University Corporate Social Responsibility and Employer Branding Center, was selected by 28 top ten employers in the city's public opinion, and Ogilvy Jewelry Chain Co., Ltd. ranked Guangzhou Public Top 10 best employers in your heart. It is also the only one of the top 10 employers in the franchise retail business. A franchisee has become "the best employer", indicating that alas, at least in the relationship between headquarters and franchisees to achieve a basic harmony. When we focus on mythical human resources management, I find more advantages worth learning from other franchisees, which experts call "replicable" hey mode. Franchisee as a direct employee Today, the number of franchise in China has become the world first, far beyond the world franchise power the United States, is still generating a large number of new franchise companies every day. Due to the lack of rules and management, many franchisees are not as big as they are and are not as efficient in pursuit of quantity as they are in lack of efficiency and quality. What to do, learn foreign monk? As we all know, KFC's reputation of success, it will always be a mature, profit-making restaurant to the franchisees. Franchisees do not need their own site selection, shop, recruiting and training staff and other heavy pre-preparation work. However, this business model comes from KFC's brand awareness worldwide and the mature management mode formed over the years. It is not entirely suitable for China's national conditions, especially the SMEs that lack funds and lack management experience. Zhaopin experts believe that the headquarters for the franchisee attitude is the key to determining the relationship between the two. For most franchisees, executives always think that the relationship between the franchisee and the franchisee is simply the "you provide money, I provide products and training," the sale and purchase relations, which will lead to headquarters and franchisees of the opposition, as the business development and growth桎 梏. "Attitude is everything." Alas, the policy-makers think, "To be a business is to deal with people and to leave, and to stop going. Let each franchise be a block on the 'big wheel' 'Good quality ship board' without loopholes, only the intention to treat each person. 'The management of people, is equivalent to the management of franchise stores, hey, always franchisee as a direct employee, as a firm Mall ally, "selling products, selling technology" to "heart to heart", which avoids a lot of friction or even conflict, but formed a synergy of mutual trust. At the same time, Zhaopin recruitment experts suggest that for each franchisee should also pay attention to their varying degrees of demand. In the initial stage of franchisee joining, due to the limited experience, ability and understanding of the brand, it is bound to aggravate the training and guidance of the mode of operation and the inculcation of the brand awareness and corporate culture. This is also a phase-out process. After that, franklin marshall pas cher, franklin marshall, franklin marshall, to be able to stick with franchisees, should pay more attention to their profit growth, and other aspects of growth. Finally, for franchisees who are already very mature, they can be advised to transfer to headquarters for management and training. This headquarters and franchisees there is a strong and mutually reinforcing interaction. Adhere to the "only" core concept of corporate culture Zhaopin survey found that today's franchising chain, franchise business management system brought a significant increase in dissatisfaction with the franchise, they are more and more able to rationalize the franchise system, they no longer Complain about the lack of management and technical support, but for the franchise system itself, such as investment analysis report requirements, information disclosure and the status of headquarters to grasp the information and so on. In response to this, the strategy of alas is - to develop "the only" business philosophy. North Korea to change the evening, especially for the management of franchise chain management, taboo in taboo. Oops Yeh Fu-fu, head of the business created by the "fast enough, enough fashion," "parity, fashion, enthusiasm, joy," and other business philosophy, has been from the beginning of my grandmother unswervingly adhere to the present. For alas, 1 + 1> 2, not only reflected in the franchisee formed between the market size, but also reflected in the "management + buyers + designers + franchisees," the teamwork between. In the oops all aspects of operations, "the only" concept will be closely together they are together, it is this philosophy to ensure that the scale of the franchise chain has never been out of control, did not allow any franchisee to shake the business The core culture. It is also this concept, so that hey in the face of its thousands of chain stores, to be able to manipulate freely. Zhaopin expert analysis, when the enterprise after several years of rapid development and growth, the role of human resources management must break through the strategic management level, thus entering the level of corporate culture. An enterprise, no matter its advanced management tools or its magnificent enterprise development strategy, will not make this enterprise a "century-old" and only have its own growth characteristics and management culture. Practical training to become the cornerstone of the development of franchisees to enhance the quality of franchisees, franchisees blindly increase the number of franchisees in the long-term development is more favorable. However, due to franchisees are located in different places, age, education, living environment varies, how to carry out reasonable and efficient training difficult to ascend to heaven. Alas, thousands of franchise stores, the intensity and effectiveness of training has always been able to keep pace with the scale of chain stores, can not but say that it is a miracle. Ye Guofu always mentioned this point with great pride. "Oh my business school was founded at the beginning of its establishment. It has developed a large number of quality training courses around the needs of staff, promotion and development, and is committed to enhancing each employee's ability to Oops, we are really paying for it. Oops, we pay attention to the growth and progress of every employee. In many ways, we will listen to the opinions of our employees and continue to develop our fine traditions to continuously improve their sense of well-being. "In modern human resource management, Often use the latest research results of contemporary sociology, psychology, management science, economics, technology and other disciplines, whichever is the essence, with the community as the background, from a different perspective on the business staff to do in-depth discussions and research. Alas, it is with this background in the training of employees that the most scientific and best training courses to each franchisee, each franchise into an integral part of the "a Cell "in the franchisee firmly established a hey Yeah business sense of belonging and collective identity. Zhaopin recruitment data show that China's entrepreneurial enthusiasm led the world, the future is still likely to grow. However, the starting capital, operational strength, lack of social experience, so young venture is full of risks and ups and downs. To open a franchise chain, for them, is a relatively safe choice. With the 80,90 have joined the entrepreneurial army, the franchise chain in the next few years is bound to make a difference. However, if the franchise chain only wants to quickly misappropriate money and neglect the talent strategy, not only will it not be long-term for itself, but it will also hurt the entire licensed chain industry. Guo Sheng, the CEO of Zhaopin, pointed out that "the intensified shortage of talents has become a serious problem for the fast-growing SMEs. This is not because of the poor welfare of them. On the contrary, some SMEs have higher salaries and development prospects in the same positions. Better, but the image of SMEs in the employer brand is clearly not enough, and the success of Oops, for small and medium franchisees provides a good model for reference.

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