Released a new men's underwear argmans - ARKMAN

Decades ago, women's underwear with BIKINI, from the panties of female compatriots turned upside down, their sexy and avant-garde effect is simply disruptive. Even though it was not accepted by most people at that time, it did not take long for it to bring us an unparalleled beauty and beauty in this world. We should thank BIKINI. The compatriots thanked BIKINI, of course, because of the beauty and confidence that brought them so that they would be more willing to show off their bodies. As our compatriots, BIKINI was thankful for its seductive scenery. But what about the panties of our fellow men, to be ashamed, because there are hardly any major changes? But we do not seem to feel any loss, why - hey, they dress so good-looking, most of them are not for our men to see! This thought, the man seems to have nothing regrettable.
Really nothing to regret? Men only need to see the sexy women enough to use their own to go sexy ah! Really sexy, maybe someone jokes it. This view is obviously one-sided, maybe sexy is not the main pursuit of our men, but other aspects? Such as comfortable - comfortable should be more important indicator ah! Can our male compatriots underwear comfortable enough? This question is not good to answer ah. Polls, then there will certainly be these answers: 1, okay; 2, it seems a bit not very comfortable, comfortable underwear it? 3, What is comfortable and uncomfortable panties, you can wear a shame on the line ah. This is the embarrassment of our man. We do not know where our problems exist, or even do not know we have problems. Not to mention how to solve the problem. Compared with the fact that our fellow countrymen have armed their breast protection to their teeth, it is simply unbelievable in a modern, highly developed society.