Some bad habits lead to chronic insomnia

Zhang Xi, deputy director of the China Sleep Research Association and director of the Sleep Medicine Research Center of the PLA General Hospital, believes that some people suffer from insomnia due to bad habits.

According to the statistics obtained by the China Sleep Research Association according to the one-month outpatient volume of the National Sleep Clinic, among the patients with sleep disorders, the middle-aged and elderly people aged 40 to 60 accounted for 36.7%, and those with chronic insomnia accounted for 78%. Chronic insomnia is more harmful to physical and mental health.

Some middle-aged and elderly working people often go to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning, get up at 7 or 8 in the morning, and get up late at night. Although the total sleep time per day can guarantee the work needs of one day, the long-term so-called sleep awakening is delayed, that is, clinically titled. "Sleep phase delay syndrome", once they are required to return to the normal social life rhythm, they are difficult to adapt. Professor Wei Jing, director of the Department of Psychology and Psychology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, pointed out that this is also a pathological condition, which is caused by chronic sleep habits caused by chronic insomnia.

The normal sleep time is 8 hours plus or minus 4 hours, which is determined by the human body's own genes, rather than by poor living habits. These bad sleep habits are often one of the causes of chronic insomnia.

In life, chronic insomnia caused by psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression accounts for 70% to 80% of insomnia patients. Therefore, correcting insomnia is as important as treating anxiety and depression.

Medical practice has proven that maintaining a positive and positive attitude, exercising properly, developing a good lifestyle, and a reasonable nutritional diet are the cornerstones of physical and mental health. This is the most effective way to prevent sleep disorders in middle-aged and older workers. If there is a sleep problem, it is not appropriate to delay, you should go to the hospital for treatment, and get timely medical advice and health guidance.

■ Link: March 21st is World Sleep Day. The China Sleep Research Association proposes “focus on middle-aged and elderly sleep” according to the sleep status of middle-aged and elderly people.

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