Siaya blossoming ladies fashion attack to seize 2013CHIC women's market

The 21st CHIC China International Apparel & Fashion Fair 2013 (2013 CHIC Beijing Apparel Fair) will be held on March 26-29, 2013 in Beijing - China International Exhibition Center (New Building)! International fashion women's brand Siddy blossoming will also fashion attack, plus this gluttonous feast, then welcome the broad masses of old and new customers here to visit guide!

茜雅朵朵女装时尚出击 抢占2013CHIC女装市场

Hall No .: W3 / W4: Women

Booth number: W3212

Company name in Chinese: Shanghai Kane Nisi Clothing Co., Ltd

Shanghai Kane NiSi Clothing Co., Ltd. is the French "Sia Ya Duo Duo" brand in China's exclusive carrier. Siamese Blossoming is located in the "International Women's Fashion", is a brand advocating design innovation and cultural precipitation, and with its good brand image, rich product line, high-quality customer service, unique store display to the people Unique luxury brand unique style. Kane Nextel is committed to providing consumers with unique brand value through innovative knowledge management system and cultural management mode as well as providing positive development space for employees.

Siamese Blossoming "International Women's Fashion" is a design brand advocating the "Small Luxury Beauty" and "European Mashup Style" inspired by the legend of Elisabeth Sissi, a famous 19th-century European princess. Along with the movie " Sisi Princess "global hot, swept the world. Design culture around the Sissi wisdom, beauty, vitality, personality style of life and lifestyles, since its inception, it is unique in its young and beautiful style.

Into 2013, Siamese Blossoming International Fashion Women are adhering Courage Princess Courageous, enterprising spirit, to open up the Chinese market, the trendy fashion Sally blossoming brought to the modern urban fashion women. At the same time 300 stores in 200 days to refresh the legendary industry performance shop.

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