Wang Xiaohe children's clothing 2013 spring series of crystal flower rain

"Wang Xiao He" children's clothing pursuit of classical sunshine in the realm of the sunshine and the beauty of the United States, focusing on designing and living for girls aged 3-12 years wearing apparel and accessories on different occasions. The brand tries to interpret and record the pure and beautiful spiritual growth process of the little girl with a sharp pointed tip through exquisite workmanship, craft and fabrics as well as elegant classic design. A wild pink skirt, the choice of leopard fabric with pink lace with this combination with a little wild, but more sweet, the little princess will certainly like. This knit hooded jacket, suitable for everyday wear on campus, in front of the zipper for children to wear off the convenience of the chest with a ribbon to do Fifi design, the clothes more lively and vivid, volt lace at the mouth, so that the entire piece of clothing implied But without losing sweetness.

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