Yili Ya women's determination to create famous discount supermarket chains

Ye Liya famous discount chain supermarket is a subsidiary of Changsha, Hunan and Zhejiang Hunan and Zhejiang Garment Co., Ltd. in 2013 started to invest heavily to create the brand discount chain supermarket brand. Learn from "Outlets" is a very popular international sales channel model, Hunan and Zhejiang Garments Co., Ltd. has brought us the Outlets in the aircraft carrier - Yili Ya famous discount supermarket chains, she is currently The province's first on the scale of the famous discount (OUTLETS) companies, and in Central South take the lead in achieving chain sales, create "Ye Liya famous discount chain supermarket" chain of famous discount stores.


Yiliya famous discount supermarket chain to 18-35-year-old female consumer as the main consumer groups, covering the first and second-line brand apparel, including European apparel, Korean apparel, Beijing style costumes, Shanghai style costumes, Guangdong style costumes, Han faction Costumes, Hangzhou-style clothing, clothing and other factions sentinel eight fashion and fashion, high quality, affordable shoes, bags, jewelry and other products. Yiliya famous discount chain supermarket products and many manufacturers to form a close and solid strategic partnership, through the establishment of apparel supermarket chain stores, the real consumer the desire to "buy cheap products."

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Yiliya famous discount chain supermarkets have set sail, with the "good brand + low discount" competitive advantage, so that products to attract customers, so that services to retain customers. Ye Liya brand discount supermarket chain has always been with many franchisees together, the future, cooperation and win-win situation, will usher in the new dawn of wealth on the road.

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