Geoff men's custom business quietly rise

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the individual requirements of the dress are getting higher and higher. 80s and 90s in the last century, the age of tailor chef, the clothes are tailor-made. Productivity continues to improve, in the garment industry assembly line production today, the custom business has begun to quietly rise, custom seems to be far away from our nouns, and gradually approached our lives. Qiefu Men also gradually began the group custom business and personal custom business, the apparel industry continues to intensify competition, personalized customization will usher in the development of the sun. Custom-made business Jiefu is familiar, from its long history of development. After more than ten years of accumulation and resource integration, Qiaofu brand menswear started its formal brand operation in 1999 and has now developed into a professional large-scale modern enterprise that designs, manufactures and sells men's and women's series of apparel and accessories. In more than ten years of men's clothing manufacturing process, with the Italian design center with the international advanced clothing and surface accessories suppliers, with accurate market positioning and superb technology, excellent quality and pragmatic spirit of enterprising, breaking through the rigorous menswear Costume design structure. Custom business style in the apparel has been used to relax the degree of modern sense of detail design. Transformable aesthetics code, so that the Metropolis confident, gracefully open the wardrobe of successful men's fashion. In fact, since the history of the human tailor has started, the clothing has always been tailored to each person's different tailor-made, tailor-made according to size, different people have different practices, each one is personalized. Advanced custom clothing, in fact, in the garment industry, can also be regarded as one of the oldest production methods. For the average enterprise, advanced customization is relatively high-end, but as a product such as Geoff has a product advantage, enter the field of advanced customization, has its own unique advantages. Advanced customization, will not be the kind of batch production line scale "industrial customization", but a real sense of the customization. In a sense, advanced customization brings the most intuitive and high-end consumer experience and service experience to customers, to a greater extent, to bring better brand products to buy Yeah Ya products, which is also for many years Joe Husband has been in raw materials, production processes continue to increase one of the reasons.

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