Amethyst symbolizing love

Amethyst is the lucky stone of Pisces, which symbolizes peace and security.

Amethyst is said to be a crystal that brings inspiration and wisdom.

Another famous meaning of amethyst is to symbolize love. Further, it is to promote the relationship between human and heterosexuality. To sum up, it can be described by mystery, romance and elegance. Amethyst is mysterious and romantic. It is the only purple gemstone whose color varies from light purple to deep purple. The frequency of purple corresponds to the top wheel, which has the effect of calming and calming the nerves. The pure, meticulous and dense energy makes people feel like spring breeze.

Amethyst is called amethyst in English, translated from Greek ∧.Μ.Τ.Η.Υ.S.Τ, in ancient Greek, the meaning of “not drunk”, a beautiful and distant legend The amethyst is deeply immersed in the guilt and embarrassment of Dionysus. According to legend, wine glasses made with amethyst can keep awake.

The amethyst, which is full of elegant light, also represents truth, enthusiasm, love, suffering and hope. Anyone who is uneasy in the heart will be treated with amethyst and compassion to bring away the scars of the heart and bring peace. When you are emotionally irritable, you may wish to use your strength to calm your mind.

Amethyst can improve insomnia, put amethyst on the pillow or wear it every night before going to sleep, can treat insomnia and improve sleep quality.

Amethyst also symbolizes love, can make the other party love you, marriage is full of happiness, and can promote popularity and heterosexuality. It can help the success of love and career, and can be used as a sentiment.

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