Diana boutique lingerie alone show a low-cost

Duo Anna low quality lingerie to join the shop has always been an integral part of a woman, Duo Anna boutique high profit low-cost franchise market also attracted many investors. In China's underwear to join the market there has been such a strange phenomenon, one by one underwear brand stood up, a brand underwear shop but fell. Is it desirable to grab high profits from underwear? This issue continues to plague underwear brands, investors.

Dorian underwear was the only show at this time, the introduction of 9 yuan fashion underwear, broke the price rule of high-grade underwear, with assured quality, caring service, sincere support for the dealer to win the market, get the favor of female consumers .

"Multi-Anna Boutique low-cost stores," common brand support

Multi-Anna underwear figure in CCTV, around the TV, around the mainstream newspapers and magazines, women's fashion magazines, the major portals of the female channel can be seen. Massive advertising for Dorothy fashion underwear established a good brand awareness for the franchise to further expand the market to create a good condition.

At the same time, Dorian underwear company also adopted brand support policy, all franchise stores have a unified trademark, visual identity system (VI), business behavior identification system (CI) and so on brand use rights. The uniformed image of Dorian underwear not only increases the credibility of the brand, but also echoes the regional markets around the world and enhances brand appeal and appeal.

Multi-Anna boutique low-cost stores fully marketing program support

Diana underwear planning headquarters of the elite for investment partners to develop marketing programs, and organize the implementation. Dazhong and various holiday promotion programs, interactive marketing programs, experiential marketing program design, small to the introduction of a variety of implementation details, a variety of activities of the material design, there is more Anna underwear headquarters of the professional team for the franchisees Take care, let investors smoothly through the cause of the bottleneck.

Low-cost multi-store franchise protection, training, two-lane ;

In order to ensure the healthy development among stores and regional markets, the implementation of regional protection policies can only monopolize the operation of a store in a limited area and eliminate vicious competition. But only the protection can make multi-Anna underwear store booming it? More importantly, to improve the marketer's marketing capabilities, Dorian underwear also takes the same first step at this point, providing a variety of training programs for partners.

From the opening before the manager training, management training, with program training, promotional training to the shop from time to time to provide a steady stream of follow-up training, dealers greatly enhance the ability to control the market and enhance the overall quality of the individual dealers , So multi-Anna underwear store billowing profit.

Dorian boutique low-price stores, a close to the minds of women's clothing, multi-Anna underwear not only use it to explain the understanding of women, but also show the caring of investors. Really change the truth, multi-Anna underwear has always been the most intimate quality of the most supportive, and strive to become a business collaborator life career!