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The temptation of "terminal for the king" is indeed large, why always make a small part of the money, most of the loss it? Either transfer, business, or even closed down, come in a hurry to go in a hurry. There are many reasons why the store can not go on business. There are two key reasons for Ai Le's music products to be analyzed from the professional point of view : the first is the lack of successful single-store profit model and the second is the lack of a strong support system at headquarters .

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Single store profit model

"Predecessor legislation, do not prejudice waste", do one thing before fully prepared. Affiliate shop success, if there is a successful single-store profit model. Its construction, including customer orientation, location, product positioning three key elements.

First, customer orientation

This is the basis of a single store profit model. In other words, we must first know who the customer to join the shop is that they have what kind of features, what kind of consumer attitudes, purchasing habits, what kind of unique needs and so on.

Second, site selection

Location mostly related to women joining the principles and conditions store location, such as the district population, income, store location, structure and area and so on. Due to the huge differences in regional markets, several different options need to be considered in site selection . For example, in the first and second tier markets and the third and fourth tier markets, even in the same market, commercial areas and residential areas of the site conditions and standards are not the same.

Third, product positioning

According to the customer's position to develop the appropriate product positioning.

Women's brand joined the headquarters support system

In the division headquarters and joined the basis of professional shop, the Headquarters took a large piece of information gathering and analysis, professional capacity-building and resource integration capabilities, namely to join the shop more successful than independent stores, such as:

1 , site evaluation support

Franchisee lack of experience in site selection, need the headquarters have enough experience to help the franchisee site, to provide support.

2 , brand image support

Joined the business itself is an important way to promote the brand, and unified brand image to join the shop help to improve performance.

3 , marketing planning support

Franchisee will not do is to promote and activities, so often need guidance from headquarters.

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