All kinds of underwear fabrics features and differences do you understand?

Every fashionable woman wants to have her own comfortable and nice underwear, but they do not know the feeling of comfort is largely determined by the underwear fabrics. When we wear underwear such as Adoration, Sissi and Triumph , Always feel very soft and comfortable, in fact, the reason for these feelings is that they are the role of the fabric, if we women understand the fabric, to better choose underwear.


Underwear fabrics: natural fiber processing fabrics improved

Cotton knit:

A: Twist yarn combed yarn made of cool knit underwear fabrics.

Features: linen sense, cool, good hygroscopicity

B: natural colored cotton: does not contain any formaldehyde, azo dyes, heavy metals and other harmful substances really planting, processing zero pollution, completely green products

Features: mildew, itching, anti-static


A: Flax knit fabric: good hygroscopic, breathable, crisp, cool health and so on

B: Apocynum care underwear fabric: also known as: wild hemp. Contains flavonoids, amino acids and other pharmaceutical ingredients, wearing full contact with the body friction, the active ingredient through the skin penetration by the body to absorb, lower blood pressure, adjust to improve the body function, far infrared radiation performance, improve human microcirculation, and antibacterial Breathable, is the ideal high-grade health underwear materials.

Silk knit:

A: Silk: pure natural protein fiber. Feel soft and delicate, drape better, comfortable to wear, elegant. Ideal for making upscale skinny underwear

B: silk protein: silk protein is extracted from silkworm cocoon of 18 kinds of natural protein amino acids, a special process for the processing of excellent performance of the material. Is a hormone to promote growth, relieve stress, activate hormones, prevent skin aging, UV isolation of natural fibers. The silk protein into the underwear fibers, the study shows that can promote blood circulation, blood flow increased by 7.6%, blood flow increased by 8%.

Colored hairs: colored wool and colored bunnies. Russia breeds red, yellow, blue and brown 4-color sheep. China and France breed 13-color rabbit breeds

Bamboo fiber: durable deodorant antibacterial effect, wear-resistant anti-pilling. Antibacterial rate was 33% at the beginning, up to 71% after 10 times of washing.


Product Type:Jeans

Age Group:Children


Feature:Breathable, Color Fade Proof, Eco-Friendly, Plus Size

Size:Standard Size Jeans, XS~XXXL

Color:Color Customized

Season:Spring Summer Autumn Winter


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