Emperor Qianlong loves Hetian jade

Among the many jade articles, Emperor Qianlong was very fond of Hetian jade, which was considered to be “Yuzai”. In the same year, the imperial court set up two special offices in Beijing, and a large number of jade carving masters customized jade articles for the court.

Whenever the palace produces important jade articles, the Emperor Qianlong must personally ask questions. From the drafts and models to the completion of jade production, each link must be reviewed. Due to the advocacy of the rulers, the carving techniques and decorative patterns at that time have reached the highest level of development of Hetian jade, creating an excellent work that is difficult to count, from large jade articles weighing thousands of pounds to small and exquisite play. .

Hetian jade

During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the Junggar aristocracy rebellion was settled, and the road of Xinjiang Hetian jade was opened, thus effectively solving the problem of the jade source of the jade in the Qing Dynasty. The Hetian jade in the Qianlong period reflects the high achievements of Chinese jade articles. It is a masterpiece of painting, engraving, arts and crafts, especially in the pursuit of excellence in the carving process, using Yinxian, Yangxian, round carving, relief, and carving. A variety of traditional workmanship, such as pretty color, is said to have absorbed foreign craftsmanship and developed the level of jade production in ancient China to an unprecedented height. At the same time, it also revealed distinct characteristics of the times and high artistic attainments.

In the Shang Dynasty, more than 3,000 years ago, Hetianyu was introduced to the Central Plains through the famous jade road. It was favored by the aristocrats of the princes. In the Han Dynasty, Hetian jade occupied a dominant position in jade in various parts of China. In the Qing Dynasty, the development of jade was more mature, and a large number of beautiful Hetian jade collections in the Qing Palace were enough to illustrate this point.

Zhang Guangwen, a famous jade research expert in China and a researcher at the Palace Museum, greatly appreciated the Hetian jade in Xinjiang. He said: "The jade articles collected in the Forbidden City account for more than 90% of Hetian jade as jade wood. The more famous ones are Da Yu Zhishui Yushan and Tongyin Ladies. , Huichang Jiu Lao and other works. From Qianlong's poems to archives, it shows that Hotan is the main source of court jade.

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