What is Hetian jade seed card

Hetian jade seed material brand is a common type among jade articles. Hetian jade brand is simple and generous in appearance, beautiful and easy to carry, and it has a wide range of materials, and the subject matter is also comprehensive, so it has become a major category in jade.

Hetian jade seed card

Hetian jade seed material brand is exquisite, the most common jade material is white jade, in addition, jasper, topaz, sapphire, etc. are rare. The Hetian jade brand has a square regular shape, a contour or a circle or a circle, and the edges are clear, and the upper part has a brand. The brand's theme is very broad, covering almost all jade objects, such as Guanyin Buddha, dragon and phoenix, ghosts, living animals, plants, landscapes, historical figures and so on. Among them, two types of jade cards are worth mentioning: First, there is no decoration, and the main body of this type of jade has no ornamentation. Another type of brand is Zigang, which was improved by Lu Zigang, the master of the Ming Dynasty jade carving. It absorbs art such as paintings and calligraphy, and embossed the characters on one side of the brand. The other side is engraved with patterns, pictures and texts, echoing each other. The humanity is full of flavor.

The Hetian jade seed material brand is basically in every grade, from thousands to millions of dollars. In addition to the price, the Hetian jade brand must carefully identify the jade and engraver when it is purchased. The texture is fine, the material is uniform, the color is pure, and the quality is good. In addition, the engraving of the brand should be exquisite, the lines are smooth, the jade ratio, Polishing and polishing, etc. must be carefully appreciated. In addition, the maintenance of Hetian jade brand is also very particular.

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1.20-25kgs per paper roll with strong poly bag outside woven bag.

2.The height of per roll is about 25-35cm,the length is 150-160cm.

3.There are about 150 rolls in a 20' FCL.

Fabric details:
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