0 degrees around what to wear long down jacket easy to keep warm

Unknowingly, the time has come into the end of November, the temperature in Huadong, China recently hit a minimum temperature of 0 degrees, will soon be about to enter the cold in December, the temperature will continue to decline, 0 degrees is extremely common temperature. MM you are doing a cold war warm yet? How to wear under 0 degrees, what to wear under 0 degrees? Of course, long paragraph down jacket friends. è®´ Goethe fashion brand discount women's winter down jacket, so you are not afraid of frozen weather.


Acura DS women's long camel down jacket, square cutting line fear of a single, waist style to break the bloated, practical and convenient straight pocket design intimate warm, neck collar luxurious collar can hold the temperature more than the neck, at 0 Degree or so, just need to wear a sweater can easily warm it. With a red beret, your winter is doomed to be different.

0度左右穿什么衣服  长款羽绒外套轻松御寒

In the cold winter, down jacket to become cutting-edge weapon, a relatively thick down jacket equivalent to 9 degrees Celsius, instantly let you upper body temperature. Simple and stylish white jacket, H profile does not pick the body, hooded design is more warm plus points, black zipper to break a single color, with black leggings and boots, tall figure to wear out.

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