Novices are most likely to ignore the problem of picking up jade


Jadeite should be regarded as the most complicated kind of jewellery. The ever-changing variety of factors such as species, water and color are unpredictable. It is often a price difference of thousands of miles. Therefore, buying and appreciating jade is a university question. If you don't have long eyes, you may be fooled. In addition to jade, there are some external factors to pay attention to when purchasing and appreciating jade. The following are some of the problems that are easy to ignore.

1, light

As the saying goes, "No yang does not look at jade", the best time to see jade is one hour before and after 12 noon. Since the sun is strongest at 12 o'clock, it is most difficult to see things at this time for a long time, so you can't pick this time. The sunshine is not enough for one hour before and after, but the light is not too strong. It is better to compare it indoors now. Use a mirror that is magnified 15 times to see the sputum, split, and see if it is color or not. If the yang is not, how long is the head? Look at it, look at it from a distance, and then look outside, whether the colors are consistent or not.

2, special attention must be paid to the mosaic of jade

When buying jade jewelry, I often see some inlays, because the back cover will make the color of the jade deeper, in addition to the color of the inlaid gold, the gold can make the green tone deeper, and the white gold inlay is not enough. If you are rich, you will have a "light" feeling. In particular, you can see that the color source is not evenly distributed, making the features more obvious and easy to be "short".

3, novices need to be wary of oil green

When the novice first sees the oil green, it will think that the water is good and good, and it is not easy to feel that it has a blue tone and is very stuffy. In addition, there is a jade with a yellow water lake, and it is good to see its own light green color. The better kind of head is even more hyped by the buyer, but to remind you that what you see is the true color of its land, so strictly speaking, it does not bring green, it is colorless. Lake water is also a kind of oily clear or close relatives, mainly green boring with light yellow.

4, color

Everyone who has visited the jade in the mall knows that the price of a little bit of color will be speculative. Regardless of the species and water, Bai Diqing is a clear example. In the white, the green water is good in a few, it can be seen on the field, and the price is not low. However, there are many unscrupulous people around us who use the bad goods to make a good deal and let customers be fooled. In the eyes of experts, the price is not too high, but the layman can buy a good price. There is a saying that "the layman buys the color, the insider buys the species", it is very image. It is good to have a good land, and it is good to plant a good head. On the contrary, there are good colors but not necessarily good heads and heads. So the heads, heads, and colors are complementary and mutually restrictive.


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