Autumn wild temptation animal print elements put on upper body

This site on December 10 hearing, the popularity of animal pattern in this autumn and winter did not diminish, even worse. The year-round Leopard prints, snake-like serpents, mild-brained zebra prints, and densely-printed fish scales are all part of a happy circus. However, if a whole animal's pattern does not wear well, it will become more commonplace. It is better to choose a pair of animal pattern shoes to match, so that it can enrich the monotonous dress.

High-end leather shoes with casual shoes, zebra pattern, and thin shoes are particularly attractive to wear. They are perfect for dresses and pants.

Very attractive high-top shoes, leopard pattern stitching, very beautiful design, side zipper, lightweight and comfortable.

Very good texture sneakers, python texture processing, very domineering style, especially comfortable to wear. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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