Xintao Jewelry inherits a hundred years of "gong"

In the gorgeous turn of China's centuries-old history, Xintao Jewelry's centuries-old accumulation has passed through the 300-year-old sun and moon reincarnation, and over the three centuries of trial and transformation, the thick accumulation of thin methods and the formation of butterflies.

With heart, research, attention, and fineness, Xintao Jewelry has always achieved the uniqueness of "gong" all the way, time is condensed, and centuries has become "gong". The superior quality of the 15,000 analogies, the superior quality of jewelry stems from the harshness of the selection of materials. A century of jewellery experience, how to choose Xintao jewelry carefully. It seems that the moment of the finger shines, it is derived from the careful screening of high quality diamonds.


Usually a high-quality drill with a regular octahedron or dodecahedron, has to accept the harsh vision of the DTC 500 professional grader from Austria International Diamond Trading Company and 15000 quality analogy, only after such careful screening, in dozens The top-quality diamonds, which are still clear and pure under the magnifying glass, will be cut and polished by the top jewelers of Xintao Jewelry.

168 paintings depict the trend. The design wall of Xintao Jewelry Craft Center is covered with design drawings of various jewellery styles. “Xin Tao Jewelry has always encouraged the innovation of design, and firmly believes that design inspiration leads to the trend, so how to make it happen in the flashlight It’s especially important to capture inspiration." The designer who has won many awards for the highest level of jewelry design in China for Xintao Jewelry said, “My method is to constantly draw the manuscript to visualize the inspiration, and then constantly modify and perfect the memory, and draw 168 drafts. ."

29 knife carving perfection. "After another 30 minutes, engraved with the last knife, this piece of jadeite can be made. The simpler the more things can see the merits, this jade I have engraved 29 knives." Xin Tao Jewelry over 20 years of qualifications Li Yuan, a jade carving master, said, "In fact, the simplest carving method can be completed with 8 knives, saving time and labor. But Xintao jewellery does not make this practice. Only fine work can produce good works. More than one point is useless, one less point. No, only the skill is just right, can highlight the spirituality of jewellery and jade.” Xintao Jewelry inherits a hundred years of “gong”, jewels with heart, pay attention to superior quality, starting from the selection of materials, harsh and fine between the craftsmanship, and insist on using the research Attitude to interpret the trend, create each link that creates beauty with heart, and finally achieve the uniqueness of "gong" and glory for a hundred years!

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