There is a need to pay attention to the purchase of children's home textile products.

There is a need to pay attention to the purchase of children's home textile products.

The most suitable materials for children's home textile products are also cotton and plain. Medical experts recommend that pure cotton products be preferred when choosing home textile products. When buying home textile products, the more natural the more pure cotton products, the better the body. In addition, many fabrics use formaldehyde for processing in order to flatten. If excessively processed products are used, the room will be polluted. Consumers can smell it when they buy it. If the product emits a pungent odor, there may be formaldehyde residue. When selecting colors, it is best to buy light-colored products, so that the chances of formaldehyde exceeding the standard and the dyeing fastness are not acceptable will be smaller.

In addition, there are more and more quilts of various materials on the market today. Parents can choose according to their physical fitness. They should also choose different materials and thick quilts according to seasonal changes. In the summer, you can choose a light, breathable cool quilt or a thin porous fiber. In winter, you can buy duck down and goose down duvet suitable for children. Keep improving on the choice of pillows. The pillow is too hard and the head is uncomfortable. It is too soft to affect the blood circulation, so the hardness is moderate. Children sleep at night and sweat easily. The pillow has good hygroscopicity and helps to improve the quality of sleep.

When buying home textile products, pay attention to the packaging of the products. The instructions for use of the regular product are marked with: the name and address of the manufacturer, the product name, the specification and model, the composition and content of the raw materials used, the washing method, the execution standard, the quality grade, the quality certificate, etc., and the specifications and types of materials used. The ingredients and content, and the washing method must be durable labels.

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