Zodiac signs on Dongyue Temple decorations

Zodiac signs on Dongyue Temple decorations

Chinese zodiac paper-cuts are diverse and colorful. Each paper cut shape of the Chinese zodiac has a certain relationship with the author's cultural background, knowledge deposition, living environment, and the inheritance of the art. Some individual expressions, only the Chinese zodiac, no other; some with other related animals and plants, the expression of the zodiac and the author's own understanding and preferences; some techniques are hot and spicy, the image concise, powerful; some simple, expressive, Cute; some of the most decorative energy, embellishment complicated and changeable.

Dongyue Temple is the largest jungle of Taoism in North China. The temple has preserved a large number of distinctive Taoist buildings with rich Taoist cultural connotations. It has provided important material information for the study of the historical origins and development of ancient Chinese Taoism and spiritualism, as well as Beijing's folk culture.

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