What are the bricks, flower materials and pigments in the jade bracelet?

There are also many technical terms in the jade bracelet. The understanding of these terms can help us better understand the price and quality of this jade bracelet. Let's introduce the bricks, flower materials and pigments of the jade bracelet.

The so-called jade bracelet brick material, as the name suggests, is like a brick, rough, no water, a lot of impurities, relatively low-grade materials, this jade bracelet is generally very low price, often appear in tourist attractions as a crafts sale, only To commemorate meaning, it has no value in itself. The flower brand is worth a little green, but the impurities are more, the water is not good jade, this jade bracelet is in the mid-range, the internal stone cracks will be more. The color material is the high-grade raw material in the jade bracelet, the color is good and the quality is good. The price of such a jade bracelet is of course very expensive.

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