BELLO SZ Meizhou Pentagon Living Hall Thanksgiving grand curtain

November 27 is an annual Thanksgiving Day. Whether it is a circle of friends or a weibo, everyone is already expressing his gratitude in his own unique way. The BELLO SZ also opened the way to thank the vast number of consumers has been the support and love. BELLO SZ May Day, Meizhou, Guangdong Living Hall On Grand Opening on Thanksgiving Day (November 27), it was a gratifying occasion to have achieved the best performance on the first day of opening. Congratulations again business is booming, abundant resources, goods such as rotation!


BELLO SZ 梅州五华百利达生活馆感恩节盛大启幕

Although no gongs and drums naughty, just a simple ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new store, but the store is still lively day, attracting a large number of new and old customers come. Of course, the new store is not only the latest winter clothes in 2014 listed simultaneously for customers to pick, but also introduced to the force of concessions to repay consumers, a 30% off, two pieces off ... ... caused a craze craze.

BELLO SZ 梅州五华百利达生活馆感恩节盛大启幕

BELLO SZ 梅州五华百利达生活馆感恩节盛大启幕

BELLO SZ is a new original women 's designer brand BeloAn apparel, although not to market a long time, but its innovative ideas, unique personality design and tailoring quickly received the appreciation of consumers, and the brand will, as always, For the vast number of consumers to bring more comfort, natural, simple, personalized wear take clothing.

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