Choosing a jewel to focus on finding a necklace of the right length is beautiful (Figure)

Beautiful girls often encounter such a situation: the money in the window is deeply attracted by a gleaming necklace, an impulse to think about packing and returning home, but when I try it, I find that the length of the necklace is completely different from the imagination, so The beautiful jewelry is also the bottom of the box. Today, please listen to me, let me teach you the length of the necklace, and say goodbye to the "cost-for-money" journey.


Necklace length diagram

Necklace style can be selected a lot, but the length of the necklace can not do anything, after all, it is the iconic element that determines the overall style of the necklace, is the first step in your choice of necklace.

16 inches: like the collar size is super wild

In general, the 16-inch anti-join length is about the size of the collar that people think, but for girls who are thin, they will probably be slightly closer to the collarbone.


About 16 inches necklace

This length of necklace seems to fit perfectly with any outfit. Of course, if you have more flesh in your neck, then look down and choose the one below.

18 inches: the most popular always has its truth

The most common necklace size for everyone is 18 inches. This length of necklace is best matched with the design of the pendant, which gives the girls a greater choice.


About 18 inches of necklace

If you encounter a necklace of this size, you can be very worry-free. It’s fine to be fat and thin, and it’s a good match with a short one. You only have one thing to do: choose a good one.

20 inches: since then deep V is most confident

A 20-inch necklace is also a more common length. Compared to the length of 18 inches, 20 inches will definitely give you more "free space." The girls who are most afraid of "wrong things" on weekdays are best suited for 20 inches.


About 20 inches of necklace

Add a carefully selected styling pendant to a necklace of this size, full of personality and a variety of dresses, especially in the deep V neckline, not too sexy.

24 inches: the eye-catching magic weapon

The 24-inch necklace just below the neckline is a "decisive" size, and you can do it with the most needed embellishment at the neckline.


Approximately 24 inches of necklace

Let the "heart" no longer "bare", try the 24-inch small necklace, which not only refines the neck line, but also adds color to the clothes, and successfully incarnates the magic weapon.

30 inches: the most fun length is easy to hold

The 30-inch necklace is located approximately below the chest. This length of necklace is not limited to sweater chains, etc. It is perfectly matched with all other lengths of necklaces for a wonderful stack of wear.


Approximately 30 inches of necklace

The most fun 30-inch necklace can easily hold all the styles of dressing, even if you just think that today's tops or dresses are too monotonous, you can also choose a set of neck.

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