When the lace meets Eugen yarn is more than elegant and sexy

Romantic impression of the lace and European root yarn single product has always been the show field never "exit" of the protagonist, lace fabric to the fashion appearance of the dress, coupled with the unique technology and design of Euro root yarn brings a new vision, Tactile feel. Rui Marel brand women's summer 2015 new, lace and European root yarn fashion sparks sparkling, sexy and elegant, charming charm, highlighting big sense.


Bauhinia-style lace outline of the elegant and stylish lace, three-dimensional full with smooth inner lining skin-friendly and comfortable. Atmospheric round neck fit neck lines, stiff cuff design more unique. A-type version of the body has a better modification effect, the perfect display of women's elegance and atmosphere.

当蕾丝遇上欧根纱  岂止是优雅与性感

Hollow is also the trend of the summer, and when the hollow encounter Eugen yarn is also a break, the hazy mystery. Rui Mail 2015 new European yarn pullovers, the atmosphere of the lace plaid mechanism to bid farewell to the printing complex, all from the most pure and simple to show the original charm of women. With pearl waist shorts, was significantly thinner with a show full charm, make you more shining in the crowd!

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