Note Aurora (calender, stripe printing) causes and prevention

Aurora (calender, stripe) 5 minutes a day
Give you the fourth meal with thought depth and nutritional value
The cloth surface shows regular or irregular spots, stripes or blocky light.
1 The roll cloth was uneven, the roll cloth was damaged, and the felt wrinkled, resulting in a regular aurora.
2 Wrap the yarn head or other sundries in the press roll cloth to produce aurora by rubbing against the cloth surface.
3 At the time of shaping and finishing, the width at the air outlet is close to the width of the median width, and aurora marks are produced at the edges of the fabric.
4 When drying and finishing, the rayon cloth is too heavy and rubbing with the fabric produces an irregular warp aurora.
Prevention methods:
1 When the felt is finished, you must drive it after the blanket is in service.
2 When drying, the fabric is straightened as the standard.
3 When setting the shape, the width of the exit door should be greater than the median width of 1~37.5px, which is more necessary for shaping the filament fabric.
4 Check whether the roll cloth is flat before driving, and the damaged roll cloth should be replaced in time.
5 Before driving, check whether the roller cloth has small hard knot impurities. If any, remove it in time.

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