Training workshop's character range

The bleaching and bleaching workshop of a printing and dyeing factory can also be called a pre-processing workshop. The task of the bleaching and bleaching workshop is to train the bleaching, dyeing, and printing by semi-finishing or bleaching the original grey fabric into the factory. . The bleaching and bleaching workshops of most printing and dyeing plants manage operations such as turning cloth, sewing heads, singeing, desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing and light alkali recovery systems. Some printing and dyeing plants install the shaping machine in the bleaching and bleaching workshop for smoother process flow, so that the polyester-cotton blended fabric and the spandex elastic cloth can be shaped before dyeing, and even the printing and dyeing factory can also assign the grinding machine to the training and bleaching workshop management. . As long as the management is in place and the production quality of each process is guaranteed, this is a reasonable process arrangement, which is conducive to the realization of modern printing and dyeing processing management models for small batches, varieties, and fast delivery. In addition, the bleaching and bleaching workshop will also arrange special persons to manage the white cloths storing semi-finished products (as the area where semi-finished products are placed), and hand over management of semi-finished products delivered to dyeing, printing, and finishing.

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