Shenzhen Zimu Group Launches <ZM+ Spokesperson> Plan to Wait for You to Join

Shenzhen Zimu Group launched the plan: the group's shopping mall is looking for spokespersons, 0 thresholds, 0 inputs, has its own exclusive official mall, enjoys 30% revenue from sales, and settles on the 15th of every month. The group exceeds 500 million yuan to promote budget every year! 6000+ new listing! Mature team manages operations and shipments, scan code for details, or contact Manager Li. Zimu Fashion Group adopts a marketing model in which the Internet and traditional channels are integrated. It is a technology and an art that allows the perfect combination of e-commerce and fashion. Subsidiary includes Shenzhen Zimu Garment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zimu Business Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Blue and White Porcelain Technology Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Qingyun Fashion E-Commerce Co., Ltd., and successfully operates apparel brands such as ZIMMUR, SCARTHIN, TIAD, MOCCI, and shorthand. VOGDATA big data system, POPOLOOK global independent designer buyer platform, and establish a brand chain system, have offline flagship stores across the country.