100% Nylon Multi-Filaments Fishing Twine

Model NO.: 210D/4
Origin: Ningbo, China
HS Code: 5401101000
100% Nylon Multi-filaments Twine
A strong string made of two or more strands of nylon filaments twisted together, designed for activities in fishing industry requiring water immersion. The nylon twine comes in a wide range of sizes and strengths which make it the most economical tying available.
Main Usages:
Weaving or mending fishing nets, Camping & recreational boating rope, etc.
Resistant to water, oil, rot and abrasion
Main colors available: white, black, brown, green

Comparison of Main Sizes:
Denier Contruction Put-ups
210D/4 125g
210D/6 50g,125g,250g
210D/9 125g,250g
210D/12 50g,125g,250g
210D/15 125g
210D/18 125g,250g,500g
210D/24 125g,250g,500g
210D/36 250g,500g
210D/45 250g,500g
210D/48 125g,250g
210D/60 250g
210D/120 250g

100% Nylon Multi-Filaments Fishing Twine
100% Nylon Multi-Filaments Fishing Twine

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